Our Technology

Dr. Miller and his staff are committed to bringing patients the most advanced modern technology available in dentistry. 


Dr. Miller utilizes several different lasers in the delivery of different types of treatments. These include a Nd Yag laser, a Erbium Yag laser and a Diode laser. Lasers allow for sterilization of the surgical sites and root canals of the teeth resulting in increased predictability and outcome of treatment results. Lasers can be used to provide minimally invasive treatment of gum and bone infection around teeth and dental implants. Laser red light therapy or photo biomodulation is utilized to provide much more rapid healing, significant reductions in pain and swelling. It also provides a shorter treatment time. Laser treatment whenever possible is a requirement rather than an option.


Dr. Miller utilizes CBCT (Three-Dimensional Cone Beam Computerized Technology) for diagnosis on all his patients. This technology allows for accurate visualization and measurement of all bone in the upper and lower jaws as well as the teeth. It is imperative for the accurate correct placement of implants and bone grafts as well as identifying all infected canals in the teeth that are to be treated with root canal therapy. In addition, it offers a three-dimensional assessment of areas of infection around the teeth as well pathology such as cysts, bone defects, tumors and cancer. 


This cornerstone therapy within our comprehensive dental implant practice focuses on natural healing properties found within your body. The use of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are technologies that use your body’s own stem cells, powerful healing proteins and concentrated growth factors found within your blood. These fully natural components found in your blood speed up healing and dramatically decrease discomfort and swelling of all dental surgical procedures.

With a simple blood draw of your own blood these natural healing components are collected from your blood and used to stimulate your own body to heal surgically treated areas. These include bone grafts, implant placements, tooth extractions and periodontal surgeries. PRF and PRP produced by centrifuging one’s own blood and are placed into your bone and soft tissue grafts as well as your dental implant placements. The stem cells and regenerative growth factors stimulate repair and rejuvenate surgically treated areas.

Since no artificial additives are used, PRF and PRP form a “super” blood clot. These increased factors promote necessary healing. These factors are all naturally found in the human body.

The Bio-PRF method produces up to 6-8 times more regenerative stem cells when compared to whole blood. This means more growth factors, more ways to fight infections and reduction of post-op pain. PRF and PRP boost the strength and speed of natural healing.

Dental Camera

Our dental camera allows Dr. Miller and his team to track and document any deterioration of a patient’s teeth over time allowing them to more accurately determine the best treatment.


Gemini™  by Ultradent
LightWalker® by Fotona


EyeSpecial by Shofu