Porcelain Veneers

If you want a dazzling smile with beautiful teeth and uniform color, ask about porcelain veneers by Dr. Miller. Veneers are an ideal choice for improving the appearance of the front teeth with minimal loss of natural tooth structure. A porcelain veneer is directly bonded to the front of teeth to cover chips, gaps, irregular sizing, discoloration and more. Porcelain veneers can mask many undesirable defects returning worn teeth to a more youthful appearance.

Our veneers never appear bulky and they are crafted out of the finest porcelain for unmatched strength and durability. Dr. Miller’s veneers are fabricated with skill and exceptional artistry to give patients’ the beautiful new smile that they have dreamed of.

Porcelain veneers conserve your tooth structure and are an excellent alternative to crowns in certain situations. When preparing a tooth for a porcelain veneer, the doctor removes only a very thin layer of outer tooth enamel to create space for a thin shell of porcelain. They provide a much more conservative approach to altering a tooth’s color, size, or shape.

Porcelain veneers enhance your smile by:

  • Closing gaps
  • Resizing and reshaping teeth
  • Providing more even whiteness
  • Balancing smile proportions
  • Giving you the smile you have long desired

There are 3 important steps in creating a beautiful smile with porcelain veneers.

  1. The first and the most important is the diagnosis and treatment planning. It’s critical that you take an active role in the smile design. We find that when we work with patients and take the time needed on the decision making process and planning phase of the treatment, patients love the results.
  2. Following this is an appointment to shape the teeth and place the temporary veneers. Though not as luminous and beautiful as the final restoration, patients are quite pleased with how attractive the temporary veneers are in comparison to their original teeth.
  3. A few short weeks later, your beautiful porcelain veneers are bonded into place, revealing your gorgeous new smile!

Call Dr. James Miller to learn how porcelain veneers in can change your smile – and your life.