For patients suffering from periodontal disease/peri Implantitis, Dr. Miller offers comprehensive treatments using modern technology to treat the root cause of the disease. Whether one is suffering from mild or severe periodontal disease, Dr. Miller can provide for all their care.

Many times, periodontal disease, including peri-implantitis are caused by the presence of certain types of bacteria in the mouth. The presence of these bacteria causes the bone loss of periodontal disease and peri-implantitis around dental implants.

For patients with gingivitis or chronic periodontitis as well as peri-implantitis, Dr. Miller may recommend an oral DNA test. We utilize DNA technology to test for the presence of these destructive bacteria in patients that are planning dental implants as well as those who are losing bone or have infection around already placed implants. We also use DNA testing in any patients who have periodontal disease-causing bone loss around their teeth.

Based on the results of the test, patients receive a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Miller may offer custom fitting PerioProtect trays to prevent pathogenic bacteria from recolonizing. By delivering a daily low concentration of hydrogen peroxide not only is the bacteria combatted but the periodontal pockets are cleaned while whitening the Teeth. Click here to more about PerioProtect.

Laser treatments are used in many periodontal procedures. The lasers allow these treatments to be less invasive than traditional treatments so that patients experience significantly less discomfort during and after treatment. They also provide faster healing time. Since the laser sterilizes and cauterizes, there is no bleeding or need for sutures which reduces the risk of infection.

Our Periodontal Services include:

  • Root planning and Curettage (deep cleaning)
  • Laser periodontal pocket treatment
  • Pocket Reduction
  • Periodontal Bone Grafting
  • Gingivectomy (Crown Lengthening)
  • Connective tissue grafting and root coverage for exposed roots
  • LBR/Laser assisted bacterial removal.
  • Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure