Gum Contouring

Teeth should be the focal point of your smile. Healthy, even gums are the picture frame that brings symmetry to your smile!

Dr. James Miller provides cosmetic dentistry to gums as well as teeth. Recession of gums expose the roots of your teeth resulting in an excessive amount of tooth length and a “toothy” smile. This recession may also result in root decay and temperature sensitivity. Root coverage connective tissue grafting utilizing PRF, PRP as well as lasers may be used to surgically treat and grow your receded gum tissue back over your exposed roots. Excessive or uneven gumlines can detract from the allure of your smile. A smile that displays too much gum tissue can make teeth appear short and squared, when in fact it’s the gums that are disproportionate. Gum revision contouring can reshape and resize the gums to eliminate the appearance of a “gummy” smile. If your gumline is asymmetrical, gum revision surgery can correct the defect. Gum revision is a simple surgery that results in almost no pain or swelling. Often, it can be performed in conjunction with crowns or porcelain veneers to achieve a dazzling result.
Come and see how a beautiful, balanced, and symmetrical smile can lift your confidence. Many of our patients find that this cosmetic dentistry procedure brings dramatic improvements to both their smiles and their joy. Contact us for your gum contouring consultation today!