Connective Tissue Grafting

For patients who have receding gums, or patients who are at risk of future recession, connective tissue grafting can help.

Recession can occur when:

  • There is insufficient attached tissue around the base of the tooth
  • There is a malocclusion (bite imbalance) causing excessive pressure on the teeth
  • A patient has undergone orthodontic treatment
  • There is insufficient or too thin bone over the roots of the teeth.

Connective tissue grafting can correct existing recession, cover exposed roots and prevent further recession from occurring in the future. This treatment previously involved transplanting tissue from the roof of your mouth, meaning that there were 2 surgical sites. Now, Dr. James A. Miller uses Allograft tissue, which comes from a tissue bank and has been cleaned to an acellular level so that it is safe for use in the body. Once in place, your own body’s cells will replace the donor graft with your own tissue to cover and protect the roots of your teeth.

Few dentists are trained to perform this procedure. Dr. Miller has been offering the procedure for over 16 years and is teaching other dentists how to place grafts on their patients. To enhance patient comfort, Dr. Miller uses Platelet Rich Plasma during the procedure. Platelet Rich Plasma accelerates healing, reduces swelling and minimizes post-operative discomfort. Simply put, Dr. Miller’s technique for connective tissue grafting is very comfortable and effective.

Patients who have had Connective Tissue Grafting tell us how thrilled they are with the dramatic improvement in their smile. Call our dental office today to see how you too can preserve the health and beauty of your smile with connective tissue grafting.