Implant Dentistry

Dental Implant Options In Hillsboro

Modern dentistry offers an amazing new alternative for replacing lost teeth – dental implants. Patients no longer have to face the embarrassment of missing teeth or suffer the inconvenience of a removable denture. Dental implants can do wonders for your confidence while enhancing your natural appearance, bone health, chewing function and more.

A dental implant is a titanium alloy cylinder placed into and fused to the bone below the gums which serves as a base to support crowns, bridges or dentures. Natural teeth stay in place because of their strong root structure. Dental implants mimic this foundation when they are surgically placed in the jaw bone. After a few months of healing, the implant integrates with the jaw bone and the implant is ready for its final restoration.

MANY DENTISTS ADVERTISE THAT THEY OFFER DENTAL IMPLANTS. HOWEVER, FOR A LARGE NUMBER OF THEM, THE REALITY IS THAT THEY ARE NOT TRAINED TO PROVIDE ALL ASPECTS OF DENTAL IMPLANT CARE AND PATIENTS HAVE TO GO TO MULTIPLE DOCTORS AND OFFICES TO COMPLETE THEIR TREATMENT. Often times, general dentists who say they offer implant dentistry can only do the last phase of the treatment – making the implant crown. They first must refer you to another specialist to surgically place the implant. Periodontists and Oral Surgeons can place the implant but usually do not fabricate the crown that attaches to the implant and may not place the implant in the optimum position to achieve the best final appearance of the implant crowns. With Dr. James Miller, there are no referrals and no having to deal with multiple offices and multiple providers. Your implant treatment can be done from start to finish by a Dental Implant Specialist.

Dr. Miller believes that a successful result with dental implants hinges on methodical planning and preparation. Utilizing a 3-D CT scan allows him to determine if there is sufficient healthy bone structure available to support the implant for optimal longevity, function, aesthetics, and health. If bone quality is poor or lacking in volume, he can correct the defect with various bone grafting techniques learned from some of the best experts in the field. In addition, if the surrounding gum tissue is inadequate, he is skilled in gum tissue grafting as well so that the implant remains well hidden under the gums, leading to the long-term health and maximum esthetics. As a Dental Implant Specialist, Dr. Miller both places the dental implant and designs the final restoration, so he can ensure that the position and size of the dental implant will lead to the ideal restorative result both functionally and aesthetically.

Tooth replacement options such as tooth-supported bridges or removable partial dentures place dramatically more stress upon their supporting teeth. These teeth have to carry forces up to 27 times more than the force that a single tooth is designed to bear. This leads eventually to the failure of those supporting teeth and the cycle continues.

This type of planning and care cannot be accomplished in a single day. However, once the dental implant process is complete, you will have a tooth that:

  • Supports normal eating habits – allowing you to enjoy any of your favorite foods again
  • Prevents jaw bone atrophy which occurs following the loss of a natural tooth
  • Stabilizes the bite to keep remaining teeth from drifting and tilting
  • Does not compromise the health of the remaining natural teeth
  • Gives you a natural, confident appearance – the result is priceless.

We find patients make the best decision and are happiest with their outcome when they are given all the information to truly understand all their options. Schedule a consultation with Portland’s Dental Implant Specialist, Dr. James Miller and learn which options are best for you.