Ridge Augmentation and Modification

Dental implants change lives. Nothing else in dentistry comes close to the function and comfort of dental implants. However, for patients considering implant dentistry, it is important that they understand that implants are successful in the long term only if they have a healthy and abundant bone to support them.

Bone can atrophy after the following events:

  • Loss of a tooth
  • Periodontal disease or infection
  • The wearing of conventional removable dentures
  • Trauma

Ridge augmentation is an advanced and reliable technique that promotes the growth of healthy bone. Ridge augmentation helps many patients with insufficient bone to gain enough healthy bone for dental implants, even those with significant bone loss.

Dr. Miller restores lost bone by expanding your existing ridge and adding additional bone as needed to rebuild what has been lost. With proper healing time, the body is able to grow adequate amounts of its own healthy bone, strengthening the foundation for your dental implants.

To promote bone growth and early healing, we place platelet-rich protein in the surgical site. The natural growth factors contained in your own platelets will encourage healing and minimize discomfort. After the bone has matured in 4-6 months, you will be ready for dental implants.

Ridge Augmentation Facts:

  • You must have adequate bone for a successful dental implant
  • Ridge augmentation healing time is usually around 4-6 months
  • Platelet Rich Protein assists in healthy bone and tissue growth

You deserve no less but the best smile – with the stability only available from dental implants. Contact Dr. Miller, Portland’s Dental Implant Specialist and schedule your consultation today!