Sinus Elevation And Augmentation

Dental implants are a great restoration, but only when they have the right quantity and quality of bone. As a Dental Implant Specialist, Dr. Miller has had extensive training in implant dentistry and is skilled at many different types of bone grafting techniques, including sinus lifts.

The upper posterior jaw can be one of the more difficult places to put a dental implant due to their proximity to the sinus. Sinuses are air-filled spaces that are positioned right above the upper jaw bone. The roots of our teeth are often found very near or protruding into the sinuses. After an extraction in this area, only a thin bone layer separates the air chambers of the sinuses from your mouth! Losing a tooth in this area without bone grafting can lead to further bone atrophy, leaving insufficient bone to support an implant.

Sinus Lift Bone Grafting Makes Dental Implants Possible

Dr. Miller wants to offer the life-changing procedure of dental implants to all Portland-area residents. For patients with sinus cavities encroaching upon the implant site, a sinus elevation or lift will significantly increase the quantity of available bone, allowing for the best placement of dental implants.

A properly placed dental implant can be a truly long-term restoration with proper care and maintenance. Bring your questions to Portland’s Dental Implant Specialist, Dr. James A. Miller by scheduling your consultation today.