In order to encourage our patients to maintain their recommended dental hygiene schedule, we have created 3 membership plans for our patients. We firmly believe it is essential that our patients protect their investment in their dental treatment. Regular dental cleanings are key to the health of your teeth and the long-term

success of your dental implants. In addition, research shows that clean healthy mouths can ward off many other systemic diseases. These are typically the diseases associated with middle and older age. They include Atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. 


 Adult Membership                                                         Periodontal Membership

 2 cleanings Per Year                                                                                  3-4 cleanings Per Year

 1 to 2 Dental Exams Per Year                                                                  1 to 2 Dental Exams Per Year

 Necessary X-Rays                                                                                     Necessary X-Rays

 1 CBCT Scan Every 5 Years                                                                    1 CBCT Scan Every 5 Years 

 Fluoride Varnish                                                                                      Fluoride Varnish

 Regular Prophylaxis, Exams & X-Rays                                             Periodontal Prophylaxis, Exams & X-Rays

 $529 Annual Payment (Savings $177)                                    $865 Annual Payment (Saving $288)                         


Child Membership (under 18 years old)                                  

2 Cleanings Per Year 

1 to 2 dental exams Per Year

2 Bite Wing X-Rays Per Year

Fluoride Varnish

$400 Annual Payment (Savings $100+)             *Memberships cannot be combined with CareCredit