In-House Dental Lab

At the office of Dr James A Miller we have an in-house full service crown, veneer, and bridge lab. Unlike dental offices where veneer, crown and bridgework is sent out to a large commercial laboratory or in practices or offices where dental assistants digitally create “crowns in a day”, our private laboratory technician Donna Raines, designs and creates “artful” custom pieces for each patient. Each restoration is custom designed and seamlessly color matched to a patient’s natural shade.
With 20 years experience as a ceramist technician, Donna Raines began creating custom restoration for Dr Miler in 2013. Together Dr Miller and Donna meticulously coordinate each restoration ensuring each individual patient’s esthetic and functional needs and desires are met.

The goal of custom esthetic restorations is to continually improve, correct, and perfect a patient’s smile esthetics, bite, and function. Our restoration models are fabricated on dental articulators (jaw movement simulators). Dr Miller checks them for accuracy and makes needed adjustments prior to the fabrication of your restorations by Donna. Our patients’ restorations are beautiful, handcrafted porcelain pieces meticulously custom designed for each patient.